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Dameron Hospital Rapid Strides Accelerated Recovery Knee Replacement Program: Excellence in Knee Replacement

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Our knees are the largest joints in the body, and they’re important ones at that. The knees act as hinges that allow the lower leg and foot to swing easily forward or back as we walk, run or kick. The knee is the body part that’s used to bounce babies, kneel in the garden dirt and bend in prayer on Sundays.

But often, as we age, the joint that acts as a support for our activities begins to weaken and fail due to injury, wear or arthritis. People who find themselves in this painful situation struggle to perform daily tasks such as walking the dog, climbing a flight of stairs or simply getting out of a chair like they used to. When medicines, injections and physical therapy don’t seem to help, it may be time to consider knee replacement surgery.

Known For Distinctive Care
In the past, residents of the Central Valley in need of a rapid recovery knee replacement found themselves leaving the familiarity of their community to seek professional help in larger cities. With a mission of providing high-quality healthcare for the greater San Joaquin area, Dameron Hospital has risen to the challenge of offering local residents the healthcare options they need.

Dameron Hospital is known for their personalized care and state-of-the-art medical services, including designations from HealthGrades® for Five-Star Rated Knee Replacements, selection as a Blue Shield of California Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric Surgery and Knee and Hip Replacement, and recognition as a Top Performer for its Quality Metrics by the Joint Commission. As a fully accredited, non-profit community hospital, Dameron Hospital houses over 200 beds and offers services such as cardiology and cardiac surgery, bariatric and general surgery, orthopedics, as well as general acute care, emergency and intensive care services.

Rapid Recovery from Surgery
This premier hospital now offers the Rapid Strides Accelerated Recovery© Knee Replacement Program, an innovative new surgical option that shortens recovery time and increases success rates for knee pain sufferers. As of 2016, this patient-centered technology provides candidates for knee replacement surgery with a comprehensive, team-based approach. This new process offers patients a healing time that is half of what past knee surgeries provided, thanks to minimally invasive surgical techniques and computer-assisted navigation that achieve excellent results, accelerated recovery, relief from pain and enhanced quality of life.

“We are very proud to bring the Rapid Strides Accelerated Recovery Knee Replacement Program to Stockton and the surrounding communities,” noted Dr. Kevin Mikaelian, orthopedic surgeon and Rapid Strides Medical Director. “I’ve been a surgeon for over 20 years, and it’s very validating when a past knee surgery client comes to me to have their other knee worked on, and they tell me that there is a night-and-day difference between their past surgery and the new Rapid Strides program surgery. Our primary goals include having our patients up and walking within the first two hours after surgery, being able to avoid any IV pain narcotics after surgery and being able to send our Rapid Strides patients home the next day. I am very proud to say we have accomplished all three, and our patient satisfaction has been universally positive as well.”

Achieving Success
One such patient who has experienced both past and present knee surgeries is Patricia Keyes, a Stockton resident who had her first knee replacement surgeries 20 years ago. Her recent ones were performed in November 2016 and February 2017 via The Rapid Strides Accelerated Recovery Knee Replacement Program.

“It’s amazing to me how much easier, pain-free and successful these last two surgeries have been with this program,” she confirmed. “After my first surgeries all those years ago, I still could barely lift my leg up to get up on a curb. But now, after these two latest surgeries, I climb stairs and ladders with no problems. After Dr. Mikaelian operated on my knees in November and February, I was walking without my walker the next day and driving a car nine days after that. I am so grateful to Dr. Mikaelian and Dameron Hospital for giving me back my quality of life.”

Support of Family
Although having innovative healthcare technology and a skilled medical team in place are notable benefits for Central Valley patients, the most important advantage involves good old-fashioned TLC from loved ones. “We understand that family support is a huge part of a successful patient recovery,” noted Dameron CEO Lorraine P. Auerbach, FACHE. “When our surgery patients can receive the medical help they need without having to leave the comfort and security of their community, their stress and anxiety levels are greatly diminished. That’s yet another reason Dameron Hospital continues to look for and implement these cutting-edge options for the patients we serve here in our own community. The Rapid Strides program is an excellent example of this mission, but we’re not stopping there. This hospital is committed to bringing our community the healthcare services it needs, and we will continue to bring a higher level of high-quality services to San Joaquin County because that’s what this community deserves.” ■

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