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Cut the Mustard Deli: Artisan Sandwiches are Habit-Forming!

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Lodi’s Cut the Mustard Deli proudly serves customers only the best delicatessen ingredients, from local, organic produce to Boar’s Head brand meats and cheeses and Genova Bakery’s bread, baked fresh daily.

From the deli’s inception in 2007, Cut the Mustard’s owner, Chris Troy, his wife, Tyra, and their children have succeeded, with their hand-crafted sandwiches and other healthy offerings, in complementing excellent food with exceptional customer service. “We live for our customers, and customer service is almost more important to us than the food we provide,” shared Chris. 

Chris and Tyra love to warn customers about the side effects of consuming exceptionally good deli food. These may include and are not limited to daydreaming about mouthwatering sandwiches, hunger pangs, loss of concentration and lack of desire to eat anywhere else. Whether they’re enjoying a Pesto Chicken or a classic CAL club, customers can find a hearty and healthy meal prepared with a smile. “Our customers are just the best. Many of them come often enough that we don’t even have to take their order; we already know what they are going to have,” he laughed.  

Life-Altering Changes
Before honing his sandwich-crafting skills at the deli, Chris worked in the corporate world in insurance and risk management for a large retail store. “I had this beautiful office overlooking the Bay, but I also had two little girls at the time. Working long hours and being away from my family was taking its toll,” he shared. 

In 2007 his sister-in-law mentioned that a sandwich shop was going out of business. Shortly thereafter, Chris and Tyra decided it was time for a change; they purchased the sandwich shop and the rest is history. Another life-changing moment for Chris came in the form of a health scare. 

In June, Chris was hospitalized for pneumonia; a CT scan revealed a potentially serious illness. For 45 days, Chris and his family waited for the results. During that time, Chris realized that eating healthy was a fundamental element of his overall health and well-being. “Over that 45 days, I changed my diet significantly. I began eating a vegan-centered diet, and within a short period of time I noticed a significant difference in how I felt,” shared Chris. 

Thankfully, the results of his tests were negative; however, the change in diet had a lasting effect on him. “I realized that we really offered only one sandwich that was veggie-centered. We decided to expand our menu to include more vegan and vegetarian options,” he revealed. 

Adding to the Menu
Although there are no changes to the original menu items, Chris and Tyra worked to develop a variety of new sandwiches, salads and meal options that were vegan and vegetarian-centered. Chris takes pride in sourcing the freshest produce from local vendors, and he enjoyed creating additional menu items with his wife and family. 

“Working alongside my wife and kids is such a blessing. Tyra has been by my side since day one, and I couldn’t have done any of this without her,” he shared. “Her touches can be found throughout the deli, from the amazing customer service to the décor.”  

Expanded menu items include kale salads, portobello mushroom wraps and eggplant parmesan; additional new salads including a delicious broccoli salad are available this month. Chris also purchased a juicer; now Cut the Mustard can incorporate fresh juices to complement the new menu selections in addition to the traditional smoothies and an array of deli-centered extras. 

Fan Food
Cut the Mustard Deli offers more than 20 specialty sandwiches; a favorite among customers is the signature French Dip. Another popular menu item is the fresh-baked Ghirardelli chocolate brownies. Patrons can keep an eye out on social media for the #MustCutDaily hashtag to learn about the daily specials. Catering and delivery options are also available daily.

Whether it’s served hot or cold, customers will find excellent food in a family atmosphere topped with amazing customer service. Working with his wife and children, there is rarely a day that goes by that he isn’t grateful for the experience. “I work with five women, and with two teenage girls and a wife at home, every day I’m living some version of HERLIFE,” Chris shared.  

“We truly live and breathe service. You can provide great food, but if the service is poor people will take their business someplace else,” affirmed Chris. “Everyone is welcome to enjoy a hand-crafted sandwich today!”  

Cut the Mustard Deli, 1371 East Pine Street, Suite 13, Lodi, is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Delivery and catering are offered. Keep an eye on Facebook for Daily Specials. Visit the website,