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Cushion Cash: A New Approach to Business Cash

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As a savvy business owner, the benefits and challenges you face daily are a constant reminder of both your limitations and successes. You know that owning a business often coincides with an array of challenges. Whether it’s securing affordable healthcare or dealing with government regulations, cash flow issues and tax compliance, the fundamental aspects of running a business can be daunting. However, dedication and hard work are the cornerstone to being successful and the key is to stay passionate about what you do.

Whether your major hurdles are hiring qualified employees or developing a new and effective marketing strategy, every situation can benefit from an influx of cash. Cushion Cash owners Rochelle and Anthony Holder understand the hurdles that many small business owners undergo while searching for the right cash advance options, and their mission is to provide merchants cash advances at the lowest possible rates. From keeping costs low, especially when cash flow is limited, to developing a plan to increase revenue, Cushion Cash provides a flexible and convenient option for business owners who need cash—and fast. With the first search engine for businesses in the cash advance industry, Cushion Cash is a one-stop shop that gives the merchant power to obtain the best possible financing options by serving as a direct portal to over 20 pre-approved lenders.

Fast and Convenient
Rochelle and Anthony know how frustrating it can be when a merchant seeks a traditional cash advance. Typically, working with a broker who charges a hefty fee is the first of many issues a business owner will face when applying for a cash advance. What follows is often an array of credit pulls that can negatively impact a business owner’s credit while the mounds of paperwork and applications pile up. “Small businesses don’t always have the time to apply for a small business loan. In some cases, it could take months. A merchant cash advance can be turned around very quickly. This can be highly beneficial for a company who wants to capitalize on a short-term investment,” clarified Rochelle. Working with Cushion Cash means cutting out the brokers and unnecessary fees; business owners retain complete control while accepting only offers that fit their individual needs.

Small Business Financing
Through the search engine, you can find terms that work best for your business, not brokers, and receive funds needed to expand your business or capitalize on a new investment in a timely manner. Gone is the lengthy application process that requires endless documents to be faxed or scanned only to result in denial of funding based on stringent FICO regulations. Cushion Cash lenders will compete for your business while providing choices for small business loans that are typically 50 percent less expensive than traditional loans. Merchants can quickly apply online with convenient, paperless applications and often have a decision in minutes. Within 48 hours, business owners can have cash in the bank when it’s needed the most.

Business Cash Advances
The Business Cash Advance Program is ideal for business owners who want to capitalize on a new investment quickly. Time spent waiting for approval is eliminated by Cushion Cash’s novel approach. By basing the funding amount your business qualifies for on the volume of average monthly credit card sales or average monthly bank deposits, the Business Cash Advance Program allows lenders to convert future credit card revenue or bank deposits into immediate capital, providing immediate cash flow when it’s needed the most. To help simplify the process, automatic repayments are linked to your business’s daily or weekly credit card sales or bank deposits. This allows a seamless pay-back process while ensuring that when sales are slow, payments are minimal and automatically applied until your balance is satisfied.

More Than Cash Advance Merchants
Rochelle and Anthony draw on more than 20 years of experience when assisting business owners with improving revenue and cash flow. Through Rochelle’s background in marketing and Anthony’s extensive portfolio, over 10,000 merchants have entrusted their financial needs to the couple. “The relationships we develop with our clients allow us to provide more than just cash advances and payment processing needs. We take a consultative approach with all of our members,” shared Anthony. “Our priority is to take the time to get to know what a business needs and go from there. Whether it’s providing invaluable marketing insight or helping a restaurant upgrade outdated equipment, the priority remains the same.” With the convenience of Cushion Cash’s online application process, merchants can quickly and easily apply for a cash advance on their own time and terms.

The daily grind that many business owners face can be difficult to endure at times. However, finding a solution that can help your business flourish can significantly increase your bottom line. Business owners who need revenue quickly and want to eliminate the lengthy application processes can turn to Cushion Cash for all of their cash flow needs.

For more information about Cushion Cash or to apply for a cash advance, visit or call 708-300-0355.