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25 Reasons to Attend St. Mary’s High School

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At St. Mary’s High School, students learn that success is based on work ethic and enthusiasm, and, more importantly, they learn that cooperation, respect and loyalty are essential to being a great team member. This is true for any group in which relationships are essential, such as a family, team or work situation. St. Mary’s alumni demonstrate this ethic every day in their communities.

St. Mary’s standards of work are maintained at a very high level, which requires students to develop good work habits and great self-discipline. As a result, their college academics are easier; they know how to do the work because they have done it before. This is substantiated by the graduation rate, where they continue their education and their successful graduation from college.

Every student at St. Mary’s knows that they have a staff member who cares about them as an individual outside the class they take or the team for which they play. This caring and trust last a lifetime and make an impact on each person’s life. In addition, graduates become part of the SM alumni group, which is a unique networking opportunity, connecting young and older graduates for internships, job opportunities and mentoring. 

25 Reasons to Choose St. Mary’s High School
1. A 100 percent graduation rate; 77 percent of graduates attend a four-year college and 23 percent attend a two-year college with plans to finish at a four-year college.
2. It’s the only Catholic high school in San Joaquin county; students of all faiths are welcome.
3. Salesian spirituality, in which students strengthen values, focus, purpose for life. St Mary’s builds the whole person.
4. A safe and secure campus.
5. A caring faculty and staff who quietly go the extra mile; they come in early, stay late, help with each student’s school work and life, and know each child by name.
6. A student body that encourages authenticity and represents the great diversity of the San Joaquin Valley.
7. Treating people with respect is a cornerstone of who St. Mary’s is. Bullying is taken seriously and addressed.
8. Dress code policy; excellent discipline in the classroom builds life-long self-discipline.
9. Green and White Days.
10. An annual mission trip.
11. The statue of Mary welcomes students every day.
12. Daily Mass is offered, and the chapel is the most peaceful place in town.
13. A club for every interest, even ones students don’t know they like; there are more than 30 student-organized clubs.
14. Guidance department meets routinely with students to discuss educational plans; academic program focuses on college-bound students.
15. Academic rigor: 22 Honors and AP courses, 59 National AP scholars and students who continue to exceed state and national test averages on ACT, SAT and PSAT exams.
16. Class of 2018 earned $16,067,877 in college scholarships and awards; St. Mary’s is committed to helping families with tuition assistance through aid, scholarships and multi-family discounts. The scholarship office works hard to not only help students while they are at St. Mary’s, but also with college tuition.
17. Students serve a minimum of 60 hours in the community before graduation.
18. Faculty participates in annual Community Service Day.
19. The Pledge of Allegiance is said every morning along with a prayer before every class.
20. A campus that covers 25 acres, including the Lagorio Building, Ram Center and Chase Center.
21. Competitive athletics with multiple state championship titles.
22. An award-winning theater program with two productions each year and an award-winning Fine Arts department.
23. A nationally ranked broadcasting program.
24. Strong alumni support for graduates through internships, job opportunities and career advice.
25. Over 142 years of history, service and tradition in our community.