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Haley and Brian

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Is the way to another’s heart through music? For Haley Almanza and Brian Golston, John Lennon’s notes and words inspired a dance that will last forever.

“It was during our first semester at Delta College in Stockton at a baseball party, December 2013,” Haley remembers. “I was waiting for my friends to leave and the song ‘Stand by Me’ by John Lennon started playing. Brian walked up and asked if I wanted to dance. The rest is history!”

Family is important to the couple and played a part in Brian’s proposal. “We were at Disneyland with both of our families and on our second day there, we met in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle to take a big group photo,” smiles Haley. “I couldn’t find Brian and was told he was going to the bathroom. Then, out of nowhere, his mom came up to me and grabbed everything out of my hands and everyone backed away. I was looking around very confused until I saw Brian walking out of the castle in a Prince Charming costume. At that moment, I knew exactly what was happening. Sure enough, he got down on one knee and proposed. It was the best moment of my life and a dream come true to get engaged at the Happiest Place on Earth.”

“What sets our relationship apart from others is that we truly enjoy each other’s company and never get tired of each other,” Haley and Brian agree. “We have just as much fun sitting in a quiet room as we do when we’re at Disneyland. As long as we’re together, we’re happy and comfortable. Even with arguments, there is no one else I would rather have those little bickering fights with. Even though we can push each other’s buttons, it’s still just us and that’s what we love.”

Haley and Brian have set their wedding date for September 8, 2018. “It’s important for us on our wedding day that everyone we love and adore will come together as one big family and have a wonderful time eating, drinking, dancing and getting to know one another,” Haley smiles. We always wanted a fall wedding and had wanted to wait until fall of 2019, but we were just two impatient for a two-year-long engagement. Everything just fell into place for this September, and to us it solidifies that our wedding is meant to happen on this day.”