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Giana Bardo and Kristopher Huff

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Date of Proposal: August 11, 2017 

Kristopher Huff had a crush on Giana Bardo in high school, but these two friends went their separate ways until their paths crossed again at Garlic Brothers in August 2013.

“We recognized each other, said hi, hugged, and then went about our business,” Giana laughs. “About a month later he sent me a message on Facebook, and I realized that he also had made an attempt to talk to me back in 2011. We were going in different directions, but we talked back and forth for hours every day. We had our first date at the end of September 2013, and on that day Kris said, ‘I am going to marry you. Yep, you are going to be a Huff!’ I laughed it off, but in reality, I’m going to be a Huff!”

On a trip to Lake Tahoe for a family baby shower, Kris made sure he, Giana and their daughter, Rya, arrived at their cabin before other family members did. He ran inside for a fast pit stop, and Giana took Rya out of the truck and began unloading. She then went inside for her own comfort stop, and when she emerged and entered the kitchen, Kris dropped to one knee and said, holding back tears, “So, will you marry me?” After Giana burst into tears and hugged him, he then said, “You didn’t say yes!” Her response was, “Of course!”

“Kris and I don’t have a traditional relationship,” Giana muses. “We’ve known each other since high school. After three months of dating, I got pregnant, and we both decided that we wouldn’t rush things and continue ‘dating’ to see where our relationship went. We quickly became best friends; it didn’t take long for us to realize we were meant to be, although he says he knew from our first date he was going to marry me.

“At the same time, we’re as opposite as they come! He is a hunter and fisherman and I’m a vegetarian. He’s a typical outdoorsman and I’m a city gal.”

Giana and Kris are planning a ceremony in fall 2018. “It’s important to us that our family and friends get together and not only celebrate our union, but see and experience the love we have for each other and our daughter, Rya,” Giana shares. “We’re also planning for Rya to be my Maid of Honor. Some think this is weird or nontraditional, and my response is that Kris and I are both weird and nontraditional. Plus, Rya is my best friend, other than Kris, and the maid of honor is usually the bride’s best friend. That’s who our daughter is to me!”