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Gabrielle Olmo and Javi Montanez

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Date of proposal: February 11, 2017

A bit of boldness on the part of Javi Montanez secured his first introduction to Gabrielle Olmo. “We met within the first two weeks of college,” Gabrielle smiles. “I was walking through the quad and he came up to one of my friends and asked her who I was. She got his number for me and the next day I texted him.”

It was just a few days short of Valentine’s Day, February 11, 2017, when Javi proposed to Gabrielle. “Javi had just graduated from the Police Academy and I threw him a graduation party,” shares Gabrielle. “At the party he proposed in front of all of our family and friends.”

As young parents to a little girl, Gabrielle and Javi feel they have supported each other through all phases of their lives since they met. “Now I will be a wife to a police officer,” Gabrielle affirms. “We grew up fast and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

The couple have set their wedding date for May 5, 2018. “It’s important for us to be surrounded by all the people we cherish most in our lives on our wedding day,” Gabrielle notes. “We are getting married on Cinco de Mayo, and we may try to incorporate that day into our wedding. We are looking forward to the day and to our future together.” ■