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Brianna and Iam

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Could there be a more romantic, memorable spot to meet the love of your life than Hawaii?

It happened to Brianna Sampieri and Iam Harrington on a business trip! “In December 2012, my boss decided to take me on a work trip to help re-open a resort,” Brianna smiles. “I’m in lighting design, Iam works in field applications for a lighting controls company, and he had worked with my boss for years. I had heard his name plenty of times but knew nothing about him. When we were first introduced, the first thing I noticed was his striking blue eyes.”

Brianna and Iam spent two weeks working long days to ready the hotel. “We never even stepped foot on the beach! Iam was wonderful support; he stayed up later than he had to every night, sometimes even all night, to help me with my work,” Brianna remembers. “He was very attentive and supportive, to say the least. Some mornings after we were finished with work we would stay up, hang out and get to know each other. As badly as I wanted the trip to be over, I didn’t want what we had to end.”

Brianna lived in Connecticut, Iam in California. “After we left the island, I truly had no idea if we would ever see each other again. To my surprise, I had a text from him when I landed in LA for my layover! We spoke regularly and visited each other a few times over the next year; whatever it was about being on the island together left a lasting impression on both of us.”

In November 2013, Brianna received an email about a job opportunity in San Francisco that she did not apply for. “I knew if I turned down an opportunity to experience something new, I could potentially regret it,” she ventures. “Iam said, ‘If you hate it you can always move back but at least you can say you tried.’ Needless to say, I’m very happy I decided to take the job in San Francisco.”

This past Christmas, the family was together in Connecticut, Iam included. “Iam wanted to ask my father for permission in person,” smiles Brianna. “He proposed to me on Christmas morning. It was private and sweet, and completely unexpected!”

Brianna and Iam have set a wedding date of September 15, 2018, at an inn in Connecticut that was built in the 1800s. “Since our families live on opposite coasts, this will be the first time our families will meet each other,” they reveal. “It’s important to us that our family and friends flying in from California have plenty of things to do and see, and that they can experience all the wonderful things about New England, such as the history, beaches, wineries and Old New England beauty and charm.”