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Meet HERLIFE Hottie: Dr. Tex Mabalon

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What’s your favorite movie?
Crazy Stupid Love. It’s a romantic comedy that demonstrates how we can experience different relationships throughout our lifetime. The movie has a great cast, including Steve Carell and one of my celebrity crushes, Emma Stone. Through watching them, you can relive the comedic moments of your awkward childhood crushes. At the same time, you can see the dynamics of a budding love and the challenges of meeting parents, to which I think we can all relate.

What is your favorite type of food?
This is a difficult question because I love food. Recently, my vacations have revolved around experiencing foods well-known to the area. On my last trip to New York, my friends and I sampled food from at least seven different eateries. There was so much to try and not enough time. My next food journey is taking me to Japan and I’m excited to experience fresh cuts of fish from their markets and the top sushi chefs in the world.

What makes you unique?
I’m very humble and ambitious. I want people to know me for my personality and character before my accomplishments. When dental school ended, I celebrated being done with school, but I’ve come to realize my learning has just begun. I’m taking weekend continuing education courses to improve and expand the services I can provide my patients. In addition, I’m involved in Toastmasters to improve my public speaking ability and leadership competency. Behind the scenes, I’m always striving to learn and improve myself and that’s what makes me unique.

Tell us something funny about you.
A vast majority of my patients initially give me a weird look and stare at me for a second. Then, they realize I’m wearing a white coat and they say “Are you the doctor?” followed by “How old are you?” I’ve had comments asking if I was in high school. Sometimes, I try to play it off that I’m in my mid 30s and I’ve been blessed with great genes. Other times, I say my mom packed my lunch or I rode my bicycle to work. My patients appreciate the humor and my ability to make light of the situation.

What do you look for in a woman?
As a dentist, smile is obviously important; it is both a blessing and a curse. In addition to a great smile, I’m looking for a woman who is intelligent, adventurous and has confidence in herself.

What makes a perfect first date?
I like my dates to be spontaneous and adventurous. I like to start a date with something active such as a scenic hike or walk around the park. Once, we get to know each other, we’ll find a casual place to eat followed by drinks or dessert.

Do you believe in love at first sight? Why?
No. I believe love is something that takes a lot of effort. Attraction and chemistry are obviously important when you first meet, but love is about compromise when times get difficult.

What makes you a HERLIFE Hottie?
I am very respectful and understanding toward women. All the credit goes to my parents, who have set a very high standard through their 27 years of marriage. I also work in a field dominated by women. My all-women staff at Hope Dental makes my job more enjoyable and interesting. They have become like family to me, and let’s just say I’ve learned a lot about women.

How do you want to be contacted?
You can reach out to me on Facebook, Tex Christopher Mabalon, III, or Instagram, @texm3. I’m old school, so let’s get to know each other in person!