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Spa Bath Salts for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a celebration for honoring the mother of the family as well as motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. Did you also know that it is observed in over 40 countries? Mother’s Day in the United States is held on the second Sunday of May every year as a time to appreciate mothers and mother figures. Most people give gifts of cards, flowers, candy, a meal in a restaurant or other treats for their mother; it includes grandmothers, great-grandmothers, stepmothers and foster mothers.

This month I want to share one of my favorite bath salts for that at-home spa experience. I just love this stuff! I enjoy making my own bathroom into a short spa stay for a relaxing evening. Normally I schedule this time just before I go to bed and then I sleep like a baby. This time is all about you. Most of us don’t take the time for ourselves, but this great little treat will help you relax and feel amazing. I usually find one of my favorite candles, a glass of something nice to drink and a big fluffy towel. Draw a nice hot tub of bath water using these salts, light the candle, turn on some of your favorite music, then turn off the light and slip into your own little spa.

To make your spa bath salts, you’ll need the following items.

Gather some cute little jars to store your bath salts in or to give away as a gift. These can be found at the craft store or places like Marshalls or Ross Dress for Less. I like jelly jars that I use for making jellies. There are a lot of options available.

This will add some color to your salts that might reflect the essential oil that you are using. In this recipe, I use a purple colorant that’s called Grape. Do not use food coloring; it will stain your skin. Colorant can be found on line, in the soap making section of your favorite craft store or on Amazon.

Epsom Salt
This is not really a salt but a source of magnesium. Epsom salt has been used for gallbladder cleanses or natural passing of kidney stones. It also is a great way to detoxify your body. The benefits of Epsom salt are stress relief, detoxification, reduction of inflammation and improved absorption of nutrients.

Baking Soda
This is also known as sodium bicarbonate and is the same ingredient used in baking. Like Epsom salt, it helps with detoxification. It adds the benefit of softening skin, alkalizing your body and giving skin a soft, silky feel.

Essential Oils
These oils are beneficial for you in many ways; each essential oil has benefits of its own.
Lavender is great to use before bed to help you relax
Citrus oils help energize and reinvigorate your mind and body.
Eucalyptus is great if you are not feeling well or feel a cold coming on.

There are many other essential oils, each with its own unique benefits. You can make these salts using different combinations of essential oils, but the one I’m going to share with you is my favorite. Let’s get started!

1 cup Epsom salt
½ cup baking soda
¼ cup sea salt
10 drops lavender essential oil
1 tablespoon jojoba oil or almond oil
Liquid colorant, optional

Combine the first three ingredients in a medium sized bowl, stirring well to incorporate the salts and baking soda. Mix the jojoba oil and essential oil together, then add to the dry ingredients, making sure that it is blended evenly and there are no lumps. Now you can add the colorant of your choice. Start by adding a couple of drops and mix until the desired color is reached. There is no right or wrong here; it’s your preference. Be creative.

To use, add ½ cup of these fantastic salts to your warm bath, relax and enjoy your homemade spa experience. If you’re are giving this as a gift, create an instruction card with the directions for use. This is a great project for kids to make as a gift on any occasion.

My time has come for a little spa time myself. I’m wishing you the love of family and a relaxing Mother’s Day from my recipe box to yours.