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Rich Colors for Winter Fashion

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With winter in full force, you will be seeing lots of burgundies and greens this season! These two colors are all over the fashion world and look great on all skin tones and figures. From tops and sweaters to pants and jewelry, this touch of color adds so much richness to your winter wardrobe!

Vests, belts and chokers are making a big comeback. Pairing a belt with your top tucked in gives your outfit a little extra flair. Adding a choker can transform an otherwise ordinary look into a cute polished ensemble. Layering a vest over your long-sleeved top will not only keep you warm, but complete your look and boost your level of cuteness for the rest of the day!

You can find all of these latest trends in our Tiffany blue store on wheels! Our truck rolls up full of beautiful fashions and accessories, sizes S-3X, and comes full of choices for every shape and size. It also helps to host Lovely Girl and receive the hostess discount of 25 percent off all these gorgeous looks that make Lovely Girl a one-stop truck stop!

Written by: Casey Means, lovely Girl Mobile Boutique


Casual and chic when it’s chilly is so easy to do this season. It’s how we all want to dress and feel. Get cozy in a cashmere (that speaks of your bucket list!) and pair it with jeans, boots, a matching fur-trimmed hat, scarf and fingerless gloves and you are set for anything this winter! Sparkly jewels, pearls and adornment are very much current trends and right on for the look at the holidays with that added glitz and glamour as seen on our “Coco” jean.

An option to add shimmer to your ensemble this season is with the adorable little handbag that will perk up any understated outfit. Sequins, appliqués, pearls, stones and fringe trims make for the perfect accessory for a dinner out or special holiday gathering. Velvet, as seen in our laced-up sandal, is a big trend this season, and will be integrated with spring looks next year. Enjoy the luxurious whimsy of the season!

Written by: Starr Donati, Flair Boutique