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Making Wedding Memories

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Q: How should we decide who is the right photographer for our wedding?
A: Through the years I have found that there are three variables that are often used to compare photographers: product, price and personality. The one that is by far the most important is often the last that a couple really worries about, and that’s personality.

Simply put, you have to like their work. It’s very easy to simply visit a photographer’s website, Instagram feed or Pinterest page to get an idea of their style. Ask to see a full gallery from an actual wedding. Every photographer is going to put their best photos up on their website. Every blog post that goes up and every photo posted to social media is their “best of the best,” but you want to see not just their best work but a full representation of their work. A blog post is usually around 50 to 80 images, a full wedding gallery is 700 to 900 images. Pay attention to what the photographer sends in response to your request. If the photographer sends a few galleries from wedding venues that you are looking at, the photographer is confident in their own work and is more concerned with helping you pick a venue than about what you might think of their photography. If, on the other hand, they send a sample wedding that’s nothing like what you described as your vision for your day, the photographer lacks confidence or simply was not paying attention to your vision.

No one likes worrying about money; photographers despise pricing as much as couples do! Sad to say, price is one of those key things that every couple has to consider when selecting their photographer. The adage that you pay for what you get is very true. If a photographer is super cheap, there is a reason; they might just be starting out or they could have a bad reputation they’re trying to overcome. On the other hand, if a photographer is insanely overpriced, you might be purchasing more of a name to brag about than a quality experience. My advice is to worry about product and personality first and let price distinguish between your final choices. If you find someone whose work and personality you love, you will be able to find the money.

There are few people who have more of an impact on how your day will go than your photographer, who is with you from when the curling iron first gets plugged in until you and your fiancé are cutting a rug on the dance floor. Your photographer truly has the opportunity to make your day a laid-back, relaxed day or a chaotic, stressful mess. Get to know your photographer. It’s very important that you meet your photographer face to face and really get to know them. Have a cup of coffee and try to imagine what it would be like having them photograph you as you’re getting ready on your wedding day; if your initial consultation is awkward, how do you think it will be when you’re in curlers and a bathrobe? Hire a photographer you can be excited about, whom you know will add to your day as opposed to take away from it!

Q: What additional advice can you give us?
A: When selecting any wedding vendor seek the advice of their peers. Fellow wedding vendors are a huge resource to help you create an amazing team and avoid catastrophe. Wedding vendors hear and see everything and they will be able to tell you who is going to fit your day the best!

Dave Bigler started as a hobbyist photographer more than 15 years ago at the University of Colorado in Boulder. In 2006, after finishing his master’s degree in business, he created Bigler Productions. After more than 200 weddings, receiving numerous awards for creativity in film and photography, Dave developed his love for photography into  Dave Bigler Photos and Films. Today couples are able to hire Dave Bigler Photos and Films for an artistic and fun approach to  both creative cinematic film and stunning photography. The Bigler team specializes in a customized hands-on approach to deliver exceptional service while providing a calming presence combined with upbeat, fun energy. For more information, visit